Build then Bless Stories

Disrupt corporate philanthropy with us! If you're looking for better ways to serve your community and grow your business, we're sharing every strategy that's helped us get more sales, have happier employees, and impact lives beyond a vague corporate donation.

Abby Haralson

Build Then Bless Shows the Goodness in People

employee sharing story over Zoom

Micro interactions that lead to a macro movement start with people like myself or you or anybody listening really, where you find a quick moment to do something good for somebody else. By the time 10 of us have done something small, we’ve done something big. After three years at Lemonade Stand, Christian Rodarmel has […]

Abby Haralson

Staying Connected Through Screens: Building Company Culture Remotely

Remote work employees join a zoom meeting

“Can everyone see my screen?” You get a nod or two, maybe a thumbs up, and if you’re lucky, someone unmutes to tell you, “Yep!” Questions followed by excruciating moments of silence, hours before you get a response to your email, uncertainty about whether your employees are using company time effectively—we’re no Picasso, but that […]

Abby Haralson

How Build Then Bless Reunited Long-Lost Cousins

young man with hat smiles for photo

This simple encounter in a college class turned into a great friendship and an opportunity to serve. When you head to a college class, you expect a long lecture, tons of new homework assignments, and at least one person who never seems to stop talking. You don’t expect to meet a long–lost family member, but […]