Build Then Bless Implementation

Change the lives of your team members and improve all aspects of your organization with an In-Person Build Then Bless implementation.

Ready To Bless?

Here’s how It works

We provide a full service Build Then Bless implementation for your team, company, or organization.


A member of our Build Then Bless executive team as well as other directors and team members will meet with your Executive team to discuss your current culture and share the Build Then Bless implementation guide.


A Build Then Bless director will craft a custom implementation plan within the parameters of the Build Then Bless curriculum and with the direction of the executive team.


You will be inducted into the Build Then Bless community to collaborate with other top performing Build Then Bless companies.


Your Build Then Bless implementation team will schedule on-site and in-person meetings with your team to train and implement the Build Then Bless methodology throughout the organization. It will take place in the following ways:

  • We help create a Director of Happiness inside of your organization.
  • Frequent and consecutive days based on the schedule of your company, for planning, pre kick-off, and kick-off in-person implementation.
  • First 3 months with once-a-week onsite or Zoom training.
  • After 3 months, once a month in-person onsite or Zoom guidance and training.
  • After one year, assess and determine needs.
  • Ongoing support from our software implementation and customer experience team.

Software Implementation
and Support

Every Build Then Bless culture implementation comes with complete setup, training, and support of our Build Then Bless software. The Build Then Bless software is:

  • The backbone of the Build Then Bless culture implementation.
  • A way to ensure that people are continually reminded to Build Then Bless.
  • Your access to the Build Then Bless community.
  • A way to gain inspiration and meaning for your team and organization.

Become A
Build Then Bless Company.

Gain a reputation for being a company that has a strong company culture and values to give prospective employees and clients the confidence to work with your company.

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