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Build Then Bless is a first-of-its-kind culture operating system for your business or organization that has the power to transform your people and truly change the world.

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Create a company culture that makes your team, your clients, and the world better.

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How Build Then Bless Changes the World

Build then
Bless® Software

Bless people wherever you go right from within the Build then Bless app and debit card.

Gamified Giving: The only debit card that you don’t use on yourself.

Micro Interactions

Macro Interactions

Build Then Bless provides everyone involved with hand to hand, eye to eye, and heart to heart human interactions instead of large publicized checks to overly inefficient organizations.

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Build Then Bless Company.

Gain a reputation for being a company that has a strong company culture and values to give prospective employees and clients the confidence to work with your company.

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