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The Build then Bless software is a fintech platform powered by culture and community that disrupts modern philanthropy.

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What does it do? 

The Build Then Bless software and application enables organizations to empower their employees to become the philanthropic arm of their company through joyful and meaningful giving.

Bless Your Team

Bless your team by remembering and appreciating everything about them and their families. The app tracks everything relevant to making them feel important. Things like:

  • Work anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Kids birthdays
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Career milestones
  • Other important dates

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Debit Card

Utilize your Build Then Bless debit card to empower each employee in the company to bless others with company funds.

Be INspired 

Be inspired by other companies and organizations inside the Build Then Bless community who are blessing others in creative ways.

Get Notified

Get notified when you’ve got an event coming up that you want to acknowledge or appreciate someone for.

Become A
Build Then Bless Company.

Gain a reputation for being a company that has a strong company culture and values to give prospective employees and clients the confidence to work with your company.

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