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Disrupt corporate philanthropy with us! If you're looking for better ways to serve your community and grow your business, we're sharing every strategy that's helped us get more sales, have happier employees, and impact lives beyond a vague corporate donation.

Abby Haralson

How to Improve Company Culture in 984 Words

group of happy employees

I’m not a big business and leadership book person but my husband is. We have a full floor-to-ceiling bookcase of strategies from Wiseman, Covey, Brown, Sinek—if they’ve talked business, it’s there. And I love hearing about the things my husband learns from them. Dale Carnegie—if you’re reading this from the afterlife, Brad Haralson is your […]

Alohilani Jacob

How a Build Then Bless Kindness Strengthened Our Friendships

young woman standing in front of floral wall

Some acts of kindness have an immediate, obvious effect. Others create long-lasting bonds that bless an entire community. Both are equally important to create.  My husband’s childhood friend recently started a family by welcoming their first baby into their home. Right after his wife gave birth, he called my husband to tell him the good […]

Hailey Webster

How To Avoid the Sunday Scaries

stressed young woman staring at computer

Anticipatory stress plagues many of us. We worry about the next bill cycle; we worry about the kids we don’t yet have; and we even worry about our worries. At times, before the week has even ended, we may get worried about the week ahead. This specific kind of anticipatory stress is called, “the Sunday […]

Isabelle Franco

A Shifting Mindset With a Couple of Dollars

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When you know better, you do better. And participating in BTB helped me know better.  I’m Isabelle, Content Strategist and fellow Build then Bless-er. The notion of giving without it actually having to cost you anything is the very thing that drew me to Lemonade Stand. When this is a company’s priority, you notice what […]

Derrek Corry

Wait On It

young man posing outside in field

It’s a reminder that, in our busy lives, we should strive to look beyond our own needs and recognize the hard work and challenges of those serving us. They deserve our respect, empathy, and generosity—now more than ever. Being married to a waitress has made me look at the service industry in a completely different […]

Alohilani Jacob

How Build Then Bless Gave Some College Students a Free Date

young woman standing in front of floral wall

After that experience, I started thinking about everything differently. One small act of service has the chance to create a bigger impact on the world—but it starts with the way we approach the people around us.  When I first applied to Lemonade Stand and heard about Build Then Bless, I was actually kind of nervous. […]

Abby Haralson

Can the Workplace be Joyful? How To Create a Happy Work Environment

Joyful employee points at camera

Global employee engagement reached a record high in 2022, peaking at 23%. But workplace stress took the 1st place podium with 44% of workers saying they experienced “a lot of stress the previous day.” Gallup’s Global Workplace Report also found that 60% of workers say they’re emotionally detached at work and 19% are miserable. Those […]