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Disrupt corporate philanthropy with us! If you're looking for better ways to serve your community and grow your business, we're sharing every strategy that's helped us get more sales, have happier employees, and impact lives beyond a vague corporate donation.

Abby Haralson

10 Culture Hacks for New Managers Trying to Gain Team Trust

group of people locking hands for team building activity

You’re now tasked with leading a team, meeting targets, and building a work culture that fosters trust and collaboration. But where do you start? If you’re a new manager looking to gain your team’s trust quickly, these 10 culture hacks will help you build a team you love and do it fast. 1. Schedule Regular […]

Abby Haralson

Service in a Place You Would Least Expect It: The Airport

blonde woman holding flowers

When I was interviewing for this job, I remember hearing about Build Then Bless and it’s one of the things that drew me to Lemonade Stand. It’s awesome that someone would trust their employees enough to use this money every month on other people. Airline employees take the brunt of everyone’s travel issues. If the […]

Abby Haralson

Build Then Bless: “Is This Benefit Real Life?”

woman with blonde hair

“I feel like it’s opened my eyes to look for opportunities where I could help. My heart is always open to anyone that needs help.” It isn’t a nonprofit program or a volunteer initiative that’s made Katie Faltermeier feel that way. It’s a work “benefit,” if you want to call it that, or something Lemonade […]

Hailey Webster

Contagious—In a Good Way

young couple poses for photo outside

Build Then Bless is the good flu—its influence is contagious. When we share it, we get to build one another in the process. Have you ever let someone in on a secret? There’s a special light that immediately sparks in their eyes. It’s as though you invited that person to become your friend through your […]

Hailey Webster

Build Then Bless From a Beachy Oasis

young couple poses for photo outside

To me, Build Then Bless is so much more than giving monetarily (although that can help!) It’s an attitude of inclusion. It’s a way of living. I recently went on vacation with my husband to the Dominican Republic. While there, we decided we wanted to have a city tour from a local. After some research, […]

Abby Haralson

How To Measure Company Culture

executives reviewing company survey results

How do you measure something as intangible and complex as culture? Since “culture is how employees’ hearts and stomachs feel about Monday morning on Sunday night,” (thank you Bill Marklein, founder of Culture Crossing), it’s hard to capture data on those feelings. But doing so is vital to understanding the health and success of your […]

Abby Haralson

Camila’s Experience as a 100% Build Then Blesser

young woman with dark brown hair posing in forest

A 100% Build Then Bless participant? We had to get the inside scoop into how Camila Roldan, one of our account managers, has consistently used all of her Build Then Bless (BTB) funds every month for over a year. That’s more than $600 put back into Camila’s community of neighbors and strangers she’s had the […]

Abby Haralson

How to Improve Company Culture in 984 Words

group of happy employees

I’m not a big business and leadership book person but my husband is. We have a full floor-to-ceiling bookcase of strategies from Wiseman, Covey, Brown, Sinek—if they’ve talked business, it’s there. And I love hearing about the things my husband learns from them. Dale Carnegie—if you’re reading this from the afterlife, Brad Haralson is your […]

Alohilani Jacob

How a Build Then Bless Kindness Strengthened Our Friendships

young woman standing in front of floral wall

Some acts of kindness have an immediate, obvious effect. Others create long-lasting bonds that bless an entire community. Both are equally important to create.  My husband’s childhood friend recently started a family by welcoming their first baby into their home. Right after his wife gave birth, he called my husband to tell him the good […]