How Build Then Bless Gave Some College Students a Free Date

Alohilani Jacob

After that experience, I started thinking about everything differently. One small act of service has the chance to create a bigger impact on the world—but it starts with the way we approach the people around us. 

When I first applied to Lemonade Stand and heard about Build Then Bless, I was actually kind of nervous. If I got hired, I would be given company money to spend on people? Would I get in trouble if I chose the wrong thing to use it for?

Then I got hired and listened to all my coworkers’ experiences during our weekly company meetings. Their stories really inspired me—they’d used the funds to pay for the person behind them in a drive-through, send a gift to a neighbor in need, and even give out gift cards to people asking for help on the street.

It was hard, at first, to get into the right mindset. I would get home after being out and about and realize I missed the perfect opportunity to use the Build Then Bless funds! 

After a while, I finally had an amazing opportunity to help out some young students. I was having a girls’ night out in Provo—a pretty big college town in Utah. My friends and I ate at a delicious artisan pizza restaurant, then headed over to Heber Hatchets. 

If you’re not familiar with hatchet throwing as a hobby (I wasn’t until I moved to Utah), you basically throw an axe at a piece of wood with a spray-painted target. Yes, it looks a little scary, and yes, the axe can bounce off…but it’s super fun.

We were being pretty competitive and trying a bunch of different games. After a while, we needed a break, so we ordered some fries and drinks from a burger place at the back of the building. 

As we were eating, I looked around and realized that every other group was full of college students—and young ones, probably freshmen and sophomores. A lot of them were even on dates, as far as I could tell. 

I had graduated not too long ago, so looking at these younger students made me remember how little “fun money” I had when I first moved out. 

Plus, hatchet-throwing is definitely on the pricier side of things, especially if these groups ordered food from the burger restaurant. I realized I had the perfect way to help—Build Then Bless.

After we paid for our time, the cashier started saying goodbye and I quickly blurted out, “Wait…I want to pay for one of the groups!” He looked taken aback. Like I said, hatchet throwing is kind of expensive, and he probably assumed I was a student, too.

“Really? Do you know them?” was his response. I assured him I had no idea who they were, I just wanted to help them out. 

Then I started talking about Build Then Bless. I told him how amazing my new job was; they gave me funds specifically for monthly acts of kindness and service! Even my friends were intrigued—they joined the conversation and wanted to learn more.

Eventually, I paid for the group’s entire tab, including a tip for the worker helping them. I didn’t stick around to see their reaction, just walked out with a smile and the knowledge that I might have just made someone’s day a little better—and how doing so wouldn’t drain my own spending money.

After that experience, I started thinking about everything differently. How could I help my community? One small act of service has the chance to create a bigger impact on the world—but it starts with the way we approach the people around us. 

I’ve started using most of my personal time to bake something delicious for my in-laws, make gift baskets for my friends who are going through a hard time, and share with anyone and everyone the blessings of helping others. 

I think it’s really inspired my family and friends to start doing the same—and it’s all thanks to Lemonade Stand and Build Then Bless. Just imagine if everyone started the day thinking, “How can I help someone in need today?”

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