Camila’s Experience as a 100% Build Then Blesser

Abby Haralson

A 100% Build Then Bless participant? We had to get the inside scoop into how Camila Roldan, one of our account managers, has consistently used all of her Build Then Bless (BTB) funds every month for over a year. That’s more than $600 put back into Camila’s community of neighbors and strangers she’s had the opportunity to bless.

Some of Camila’s Favorite Build Then Bless Moments

When a close friend of mine moved to a new city to go after a job, I was so excited for her! But the reality of her new life hit her harder than anyone expected.

She quickly became overwhelmed by how isolated she felt in this new environment far away from home. Her job also left her with little time to prepare any meals and she usually just ended up skipping them altogether.

We were talking about how she was feeling and how hard it had been to stay on top of preparing food. When we were college roommates, she had a blender that she loved. She’d brought it with her when she moved, but within the first week, it broke. Moving is expensive and she’d had other things to worry about at the time, so she didn’t replace it right away.

She brushed it off as a small inconvenience, but I knew I could do something about it. I decided to use my funds from Build Then Bless to order a new one for her. The gesture felt small, but she shared with me, “You don’t understand just how much your act of kindness touched me. I was really struggling and felt so alone. Receiving the blender didn’t just mean I could eat healthy meals again. It showed me you noticed and cared about me.”

Building and Blessing at 7-Eleven

A few months ago, I walked into a 7-Eleven to grab some snacks for a soccer game I was planning to watch. As I was about to check out, a man who looked really down on his luck came up to me and hesitantly asked if I could buy him some food. Because of Build Then Bless, I was able to easily say yes!

He picked out the cheapest item he could find, but I encouraged him to get more. Slowly, he began to select a few ready-to-go meals and additional snacks. He walked away with enough to last him a few days.

I never saw him again, but the memory of that encounter stayed with me. It was a reminder that sometimes, a simple act of kindness can mean the world to someone in need.

How Has She Used Her Build Then Bless Funds Every Month?

I’ve always thought, “Someone’s giving me $50 to spend every month on other people? How could I let that money go to waste?” I’ll usually ask myself a few questions, like

  1. Does anyone in my life need anything?
  2. Has someone been having a hard month?
  3. Who needs to feel seen and appreciated?

I feel that these small acts of service leave a more sensitive and intimate impact to those I bless. It shows that someone is noticing—that someone cares.

How Has Build Then Bless Impacted Camila?

In both my personal and professional settings, I notice things more, I ask questions, and I feel less selfish. Build Then Bless is a reminder that there is more to life than living in my own world and sticking to my own schedule.

After experiencing BTB, I make more of an effort to make deeper connections with those around me. I reach out, make time for others, and really listen. BTB has taught me that while I may not permanently transform the lives of others, I can at least make living on this earth just a little easier and happier.

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